Installing New Windows in Your St Louis Home Can Increase Its Value

Windows St LouisOpting to install new windows in your St Louis home can do wonders for your residence and its overall value. Issues like broken panes, inoperable opening mechanisms, chipped or warped frames, or other problems are usually a concern for potential buyers because they don’t want to have to purchase brand new windows when they are already paying for a new home. Installing durable vinyl replacement window products can increase your home’s value and give the exterior and interior of your residence a clean, crisp look.

In addition to increasing the value of your St Louis home by improving its appearance and appeal, new windows can also help you save money on your utility bills. It’s estimated that close to 30 percent of all energy used to heat and cool a home is lost through old, drafty, or improperly installed windows. This can lead to astronomical heating and cooling costs. But, when you install energy efficient windows, your home will become more energy efficient and you’ll be able to pocket some extra cash. Plus, having newer windows in your home will significantly appeal to potential buyers – who’ll likely want to enjoy those energy savings – and could help you recoup a large percentage of installation costs at resale.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your St Louis home with energy efficient windows, turn to the window experts at Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions for help. Since 1957, we’ve been one of the most trusted home improvement contractors in the Greater St Louis area, and we’re proud to offer high-performance windows that will look great and improve your home’s value. Contact us today to learn more.