You’re Going to Love the Sunroom We Install

Having a sunroom installed is a fantastic way to increase your enjoyment of your home. You can use your new space for entertaining guests, reading under natural light, eating family dinners, starting a garden, or any number of other wonderful activities — the choice is entirely up to you.

Styles of Sunrooms

Straight Eave (Sun and Stars)

These classic sunrooms feature clean, straight lines, making them a great choice for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Curved (Sun and Stars)

A graceful, curved eave gives these sunrooms an added touch of character and complements your home’s roofline.

Cathedral (Sun and Shade)

Built with a gabled-style roof, cathedral sunrooms allow maximum natural light to enter and make the enclosed space feel larger.

Conservatory (Elegant)

To incorporate truly classical architectural design, opt for a Victorian or Georgian English-style conservatory.

Easy Living Series

The high performance glass and energy efficient windows and the insulated roof system will allow you the relaxing year round comfort that will compliment your home with an extraordinary view. Available in either a straight eave design or Cathedral Ceiling. The Cathedral Ceiling design offers a panorama view while keeping you safe and sound inside. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Hybrid Series

This design features a solid, structural, insulated roof and our revolutionary window walls, either with solid window and or rolling window glass.

Both the straight eave extension from your current roof or the Cathedral Ceiling compliments the architectural design of your home. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Easy Living Series

This high performance insulated glass brings dramatic natural light and tremendous views into the heart of your home. Enjoy a relaxing evening looking at the brilliant canopy of stars in the heavens without the nuisance of bugs and insects, from the security and comfort of your home. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Hybrid Series

The soaring majestic ceiling offers an expansive room with an unparalleled view and a supremely spacious feeling. The peaked roof compliments most architectural styles and adds character to your home. Request a quote from one of Design Consultants who are certified expert project designers that can create the comfort and grace for your viewing pleasure. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Elegant Series

Both the Classic Curved Timber Interior and the Traditional Timber Frame gives the traditionally styled homes the addition of continued elegance and grace of the engineered Northern White Pine beams. Entertaining or just relaxing with friends and family in this elegant room could become the most favored part of your home. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Easy Living Series

This Easy Living Victorian Conservatory is a maintenance free, energy efficient, masterpiece of design that gives a panoramic view  to enjoy the wonders of nature in all seasons. Get a free quote to start enjoying this economically priced conservatory. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Hybrid Series

Transport yourself back in time to a romantic age where quality construction was the norm, not the exception. This Old World Craftsmanship partnered with modern materials is both ornate and refined, befitting the architectural style of the finest Victorian homes. This room is simply magnificent. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Elegant Series

The majestic interior wood beams of real oak or pine bring the warmth and elegant style to both the Victorian and the Georgian Style Conservatories. Enjoy the regal feeling of this contemporary glass home addition. Call or submit a request for a free quote from our certified design consultants. (Click on the pictures to see more).

Take Advantage of Our 3 Step Process!

Step 1

Start with a Canopy or Sunroom

Step 2

Add Screens to Enclose the Room

Step 3

Add Glass for Year-Round Comfort

Existing Patio with Existing Cover

  1. Step One: Add screens
  2. Step Two: Add glass walls under existing roof or patio cover

(Click on the pictures to see more).

Existing Concrete or Wood Deck Patio

  1. Step One: Add solid insulated roof
  2. Step Two: Add screens
  3. Step Three: Add glass walls

(Click on the pictures to see more).

Existing Porches

1. Step One: Add screens

2. Step Two: Add glass walls




The workmanship was great. Our sunroom exceeded our expectations and turned out just beautiful. Our project manager kept us updated on a daily basis as to the progress and the job was completed as promised. Thank you Tony and Patriot Sunrooms.
Mary K.

Patriot built a 4 season room and re-did my deck. I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the initial representative who was helpful and not pushy to everyone in the office I’ve dealt with who have been helpful and a pleasure to work with. But ESPECIALLY my fantastic crew! Brad and Kyle went the extra mile and made sure I understood and was happy with each step in the process. As over the moon as I am to get my room completed, I was truly sorry to have to say good-bye to everyone!😁

Cathy H.

Patriot sunrooms are hands down the best…! Customer service is amazing.. their employees are so nice and so professional… I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs a sunroom.

Courtney M.

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