Expand the Living Area of Your St. Louis-Area Home with a Sunroom Addition

Sunrooms St. Louis MOHaving a sunroom installed is a fantastic way to increase your enjoyment of your St. Louis-area home. You can use your new space for entertaining guests, reading under natural light, eating family dinners, starting a garden, or any number of other wonderful activities — the choice is entirely up to you.

However, to ensure that your new sunroom will meet or exceed all of your expectations, you’ll want to have it built by a company you can rely on for top-quality products and meticulous workmanship. In other words, you’ll want to entrust your sunroom addition to Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions.

You’re Going to Love the Sunroom We Install

Founded in 1957, Patriot Sunrooms boasts unparalleled experience with sunroom construction, which we believe shows in the precision of the work we perform. Our sunrooms stand out for their:

Extensive Customization

While many sunroom companies offer only a small number of design options, Patriot Sunrooms has the diverse selection needed to ensure your total satisfaction. Since we source our products from multiple manufacturers, you’ll have numerous options for your sunroom’s walls, roof, doors, and special features. Want to include something really unique, such as an all-glass roof? Patriot Sunrooms can make your wish a reality. Learn more about our design process here.

Superior Thermal Insulation

All aspects of your new sunroom will be built with your comfort in mind. The walls, roof, and doors will all work together to insulate the enclosed space from uncomfortable outdoor temperatures. To ensure that you can use your sunroom during even the coldest winter days, we can also run HVAC vents out to the space. This way, you can immerse yourself in outdoor scenery anytime you want, no matter the weather outside.

Ready to upgrade your St. Louis-area home with a beautiful new sunroom? Contact Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions today for a free consultation.