Patriot Sunrooms Will Build the Perfect Glass Room Addition for Your Home in St. Louis, MO

Room Addition St. Louis MO“If you owned a Patriot sunroom, how would you use it?” We love asking this question because there are so many wonderful uses for our sunrooms. Your glass room addition can serve as space for entertaining guests, eating family dinners, exercising, reading – you name it! And, no matter how you end up utilizing the space, chances are it will become your new favorite part of your St. Louis, Missouri, home.

As one of the oldest and most well-known outdoor living companies in the region, Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions has added sunrooms to countless homes throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas. We’re a full-service contractor specializing in sunroom installations, and one of the main qualities that distinguishes our company from the competition is our highly experienced, factory-trained staff. While many companies simply use subcontractors for their projects, we employ dedicated technicians who pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details, and we believe that it shows in the quality of the work that we perform.

Our Sunrooms Meet Even the Highest Quality Standards

At Patriot Sunrooms, we’re committed to providing our customers with nothing but the best products for their homes. As such, you can expect your glass room addition to be:

  • Comfortable – From the thermal roof to the low-E glass walls, all aspects of our sunrooms are thoroughly insulated to help shield you from unpleasant outdoor temperatures. We can even extend HVAC service out to your room addition for maximum comfort.
  • Customized – We offer more than a dozen room addition styles for you to choose from, including ones that have glass roofs. So, you’ll have no problem finding one that has the look and functionality that’s right for your home.
  • Attractive – We go to great lengths to ensure that your room addition will blend beautifully with your home. While sunrooms from some other companies simply look like three walls and a roof tacked onto the back of a home, our room additions appear to be part of the original construction.

The first step to adding a stunning glass room addition to your home is scheduling a free consultation. Contact Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions today to meet with a member of our team and begin planning this wonderful upgrade to your St. Louis, MO, home.