Three Best Ways to Keep Decks in St. Louis, MO, Looking Great for Years to Come

Decks St. LouisRecent trends have seen an explosion of popularity in decks for St. Louis, Missouri, homeowners. It seems that more area residents are placing a greater emphasis on getting outdoors and enjoying their natural surroundings, and decks provide the perfect environment to do just that. Decks can be used for grilling, relaxing, partying, sunbathing, and more, but without proper care, this outdoor living space can turn into a problematic eyesore for any homeowner who isn’t careful.

Extending the life of decks is easy when you know what to do. So whether you have an existing deck on your home in St. Louis or you are planning to have one installed, here are the three most effective ways to ensure your deck is around well into the future.

  • Treat decks like every room in the house – This means that your deck should get the same regular maintenance as your kitchen or dining room. Sweep it regularly; clean up messes caused by food, pets, or spills; protect it from scratches by lifting furniture when you move it being careful with high-heeled shoes, and keeping your pet’s nails trimmed. By ensuring that your deck is kept up daily, you will lessen the likelihood of more major problems down the road.
  • Clean, seal, or stain – Because they are constantly exposed to harsh natural elements, decks are susceptible to damage, including warping, sun damage, cracking, cupping, and more. However, by first applying the right deck cleaner – to remove all dirt, nail stains, algae, and mildew – and then a high-quality stain or seal, your deck will be as protected as possible from the worst that Mother Nature will throw at it.
  • Be smart – Just because you have the right intentions for maintaining your deck, doesn’t mean you can’t do more harm than good. Far too many homeowners have used a power washer that was too strong, a solvent that was too harsh, or some other product that wasn’t right for their needs, and their decks ultimately suffered. Read manufacturer’s instructions, consider the particulars of your deck, and consult the expertise of a professional prior to completing any major maintenance project for your deck.

If you would like to learn more about extending the life of your deck, contact Patriot Sunrooms & Home Solutions today. We have been installing decks in the St. Louis, MO, area since 1957 and can help answer any questions you might have regarding decks, sunrooms, room additions, and more.