8 Simple Steps

Call 1-800-285 3232 to request a FREE In-Home Design Consultation – Patriot will be happy to visit with you to discuss your plans and help you choose the Sunroom that will best meet your needs.

Receive Your Proposal – Your Design Consultant will present you with a detailed written proposal that will describe everything you discussed in your meeting. Review this document carefully. Your design consultant is a professional who wants to give you everything you need to create the room of your dreams, but you probably discussed many things and it’s possible that something you thought you agreed upon was honestly and accidentally overlooked. If there is anything you thought you were getting that is not listed in the proposal, now is the time to bring it up. This document will be your contract, and it’s easier to change it now than after work begins.

Paperwork and Permits -Like any room addition, your Patriot Sunroom will likely need a building permit from your local building department. This can be a time- consuming, but necessary, part of the process. Try to remember that building departments exist to protect you and your family from shoddy and dangerous workmanship. All Patriot Sunrooms are engineered to withstand the toughest building codes in the world, but some building departments are understaffed and it may take time for your permit application to be approved. You can be confident that your Patriot representative is doing everything he can to expedite the process and will have your permit as soon as possible. Once your permit is approved, your Patriot representative will schedule a date to begin construction.

The Start of the Dream: The Foundation -The first step in the construction of your dream room will be the foundation work. Even if your room is going to be built upon an existing deck, there will likely be some work to insulate and maybe even reinforce the deck for the new sunroom. If you are having your room built on a foundation, the first step will be to dig a big hole or trench in your yard to be filled with concrete. This may not be your idea of a dream, but remember, you have to break a few eggshells to make an omelet. The foundation is critical to the longevity and successful completion of your room, and it will all be worthwhile in the end. There is usually an inspection by your local building department official required at this time.